The Ventures- The Colorful Venture

If my calculations are correct, this is post #800.  Here is a record from a group I put on this blog so much that I am running out of new pictures to accompany this.  This was $2 and bought at the Half Price on Veteran’s Memorial, which decided to raise its discount records from $1 to $2.50.  I got it last Memorial Day a couple months ago when HPB had its 20% sale.

This record was The Ventures 4th studio album, released in 1961.  It was the 3rd album they released that year.  It was somewhat successful compared to other releases around that period.  That is purely from a commercial perspective.  Music-wise, this is a fine album that plays on songs with colors in the title.  This album really has that classic Ventures sound.

For a sample, here is “Blue Moon”. Excellent album.  Satisfactory.

The Ventures- On Stage

This was one dollar.  Great buy for that price.  Been moderately busy as of late.  I am getting a bit caught up on posts but not as caught up as I would like. However, I have posted many Ventures’ albums on this site so there is not much expository stuff I can add at this time.  This album was once property of PVT E-1 Gilbert Pera.  PVT E-1, by the way, is the lowest rank in this man’s army.

This is a live album from 1965.  It features songs recorded live in Japan, England, and the US.  Pretty good track listing with a lot of their big hits at the time. Sound quality is pretty good.  The performances are pretty lively.  Overall good album.

For a sample, I went with one of my favorite songs “Caravan” as well as a medley of hits including their perennial number “Walk Don’t Run”, “Perfida”, and “Lullaby of Leaves”.  I posted “Lullaby” a couple months back from a different group.  I always liked the Ventures version and I like it here in this medley even more because it contrasts well with “Walk Don’t Run”.

Top Rated album.  Need to get some excitement back in my life to spice up these posts a bit.

The Ventures- The Ventures in Space

dscn5396This was $3.00.  I knew it was a pretty good album when I bought it.  While doing research on another Venture’s album a few posts ago, this one was heavily referenced.  On a separate note, I should try to remember to end the blog’s month with artists who appear regular on this site.  It cuts down on my work. These folks have been on my blog before and as a result, I forget what pictures I used for the posts.cdchd-1176a_1

This was the Ventures 14th album and in a slight departure from their surf rock, ventures in to a futuristic space rock sound.  No pun was intended on that last sentence.  The difference in style is subtle but regardless it is well complimented by the band. Highlights include “Twilight Zone”, “Moon Child”, “War Of the Satellites” and “Solar Race”.

The record came out in 1964.  One critic has noted whereas most casual fans can do well with a greatest hits compilation, this record is the exception to the rule. All of the tracks are pretty good and function well together.

The back cover stated that all sounds were produced by musical instruments rather than “electronic gimmicks”. That is good and all but it is quite a brash statement against electronic music.  Is there not artistic merit in that form of music?dscn5397

For a sample, I decided to go with “Penetration” as it kind of vaguely reminiscent of their first big hit, “Walk Don’t Run”.  a1464112277_10

Top Rated Record.

The Ventures-$1,000 Weekend

DSCN4527Hey this was $5.00 and had a pretty good song list on it.  A lot of the songs covered are favorites of mine.CDCHD-1176a_1

This was released in 1967 by Liberty Records.  It was the band’s third release of the year.  It was made by the Nokie Edwards, Don Wilson, Bob Bogle, Mel Taylor lineup, which I believe is the “Classic” Lineup.  The album has pretty good songs on it that were popular at the time including “Ode to Billy Joe”, “Groovin”, my favorite “Georgy Girl” and “Yesterday” but I will argue that covering popular songs were not the Venture’s best efforts. Rather, it was their interpretation of pop instrumental

However, I digress on this point.  The album may not be as good as some of its predecessors, but it is still docent enough. As a side note, Edwards would leave the band the following year after this release.DSCN4528

For a sample, I went with “What Now My Love” which I felt was the best number. 60s-vent9

Meh.  as stated above, I prefer the Venture’s earlier work. And $5.00 was a bit too much for this.  I might have rated it better us price was at least cut in half.

The Ventures- Underground Fire

DSCN2365I bought this at the last Infinite Record show at the Hilton.  I think it was $5 but can not remember.  Could have been less.  I am on the fence about going to the next show this Sunday at the Southwest Freeway Hilton.  I still have a backlog of  records I have yet to listen to.  If I can get a list of things I am looking for together, then I may go.the_ventures2

This was the first album after the departure of guitarist Nokie Edwards in 1968 and the arrival of Gerry McGee.  Released in 1969, it differs from their early 60’s trademark surf twang.  Shortly thereafter, the band’s popularity would wane in the early 70’s.  They would have multiple resurgences over the years. They would also remain popular in Japan. Because the site is messing up the captions, above is the classic lineup while below is the lineup in the 90’s with McGee.


The Ventures Web Page

This album features one side of orginals and one side of rock and roll covers.  In regards to the first side, the title track, “Embers in E Minor”, “Sea of Grass”, and “Country Funk and the Canned Heat”  are all pretty rocking.  The other side is ok.  Again, recreating contemporary tunes does not have the same appeal as their early 60’s material.  That is not to say it is bad though. There was nothing that really grabbed me as groundbreaking. Tracks include “Born to Be Wild”, “Sunshine of Your Love”, “Light My Fire”, ‘The Weight” and Arthur Brown’s “Fire”.DSCN2366

For a sample, here is “Embers in E Minor” from the originals side of the record. 138107_web_Preview-Ventures1-5-col-Color

Satisfactory record.