The Ventures- The Colorful Venture

If my calculations are correct, this is post #800.  Here is a record from a group I put on this blog so much that I am running out of new pictures to accompany this.  This was $2 and bought at the Half Price on Veteran’s Memorial, which decided to raise its discount records from $1 to $2.50.  I got it last Memorial Day a couple months ago when HPB had its 20% sale.

This record was The Ventures 4th studio album, released in 1961.  It was the 3rd album they released that year.  It was somewhat successful compared to other releases around that period.  That is purely from a commercial perspective.  Music-wise, this is a fine album that plays on songs with colors in the title.  This album really has that classic Ventures sound.

For a sample, here is “Blue Moon”. Excellent album.  Satisfactory.

The Ventures – Hawaii Five-0

This was a bit pricey at $4 but had a bunch of songs I liked on it.

Released in 1969, this album went Gold on the strength of the title track, which was also the theme song from the show of the same name.

Other than that song, the album is pretty decent but is typical of late Ventures’ material which mostly consists of instrumental versions of pop tunes.  Which can be hit or miss at times.  I would say this album mostly hits but only because I want to get out of here.

I really liked the medley of Traces VI songs, but ultimately went with The Box Tops’ ” The Letter” which I felt was the strongest on the album.

Satisfactory record and I am done for the month. Woo-Hoo.

The Ventures- The Fabulous Ventures

DSCN4647This was $1.00 I believe.  Who would pass up a Ventures’ album, especially, a 1960’s one?MI0003425497

I have said a few harsh words about some of the later era Ventures’ albums I have posted, but this, my friends, is a excellent Ventures’ record. It was what I believe was their 15th record, released in 1964.  They were releasing three records a year at that point.  This was also on the heels of The Ventures in Space, which pioneered Space Rock.  Some of that influence is on these tracks as well. Back to this album, it has them doing what they do best, guitar driven surf rock based on their own material and instrumental standards.  There are also a few pop hits covered for good measure.  Highlights include” Journey to The Stars”, “Walkin’ With Pluto”, “Fugitive”, “The Cruel Sea”, “Runnin’ Wild”, and “Eleventh Hour”.  The album also includes covers of “Needles and Pins” and the theme to Pink Panther although I feel these are not as strong as the other tracks.DSCN4648 (800x800)

For samples, I had much to choose from but narrowed it down to “Runnin’ Wild” and “The Cruel Sea”.ventures-shadows-intro-a01

Top Rated Record.  This makes up for the par and sub-par Ventures’ albums I have posted in the past.