Humble Pie- Rocking’ The Filmore East

Happy first Saturday of 2018.  This month, I put rocking records to end the week. So here is this, a double record I got for a dollar.

Humble Pie was one of the first super groups (experts vary but I give that distinction to Cream).  Formed in Essex, UK in 1969, the group consisted of Steve Marriot of Small Faces, Greg Ridley from Spooky Tooth, Jerry Shirley from The Apostolic Intervention, and Peter Frampton from the Herd. The band had pretty good success on both sides of the Atlantic .

Frampton left in 1971, to be replaced by Clem Clempson.  Further success followed until the band’s breakup in 1975.  Several reformations under various incarnations would follow.

This was the band’s first live recording, recorded in May of 1971 and released 1971.  It would also be their first Gold record.  Frampton would leave the band for bigger fame shortly before its release.  Consisting of an hour long set from the Filmore East in New York, the album tears through mostly covers from Ida Cox, Dr John, Muddy Waters, and Willie Dixon among others as well as  one original song.  Apparently, Marriot and Shirley were quite high when they mixed the album and took most of the audience sound out of the first mix so back to the mixing desk they went.

I went with Ray Charles’ classic “Hallelujah” as a s ample, mostly because the record was in rough shape and this was the only track that did not skip.

Satisfactory record.