OST- The Story of Star Wars

With the latest movie in the Star Wars franchise coming out this month, ( The Last Jedi, opening Dec 15), I thought it might do me well to buy and post this album, from the movie that started it all. From the 1977 film, which was re-titled A New Hope, but what everybody pretty much remembers as Star Wars, this was $5.  And if I am reading his (or her) crappy cursive correctly, this was once owned by a Chris De Surro.

Star Wars was not the first movie I ever saw in the theater that I remember ( that would be Grease which I was probably disruptive during the screening).  However, it would be the first one that I lost my lunch over.  I remember being a kid and going to the theater not really understanding what I was seeing.  However, during the movie, I was glued to the screen.  I remember thinking to myself what could be better than that movie?  Well, when I found out they had action figures from the movie for sale, than I truly lost it again.

Which brings me to this story which is about my generation’s obsession with Boba Fett, the bounty hunter from The Empire Strikes Back.  Many people have asked why a character who barely had any screen time in the second and third could be so popular.  Well, that is mainly in part to the good folks at Kenner Toys who made the action figures.  Before Empire was released, Kenner had a promotion where if you send in 5 or so proofs of purchase, you would get a free Boba Fett action figure.  According to the promotion, Boba Fett was to be have a major role in the next movie.  He also was to have a projectile missile on his back which would shoot out.  All summer long, my friends and I imagined what a bad ass Boba Fett would be.

Then we got the action figure, which did not have the projectile missile due to kids shooting their eyes out.  Then came Empire, in which Boba Fett mostly stood still.  His only dialog was arguing some semantics with Darth Vader.  I think on both fronts, we were ultimately short changed.  But the excitement of Boba Fett that summer was real and I think what people my age mostly remember.

Anyway, back to this album which is basically dialog from the movie augmented by narration as well as John William’s score. What else can I say?  I mean it is a neat souvenir but really does not do much to out do the movie. The record itself was quite worn and skipped horribly.  It also came with a booklet of pictures from the movie as well.

For a sample, I went with the closing scene of Luke destroying the Death Star and the resulting medal ceremony at the end.

I really kind of hated listening to this album as it was quite tedious but what else was I excepting out of it? I bit on the high side but I will give it a satisfactory. I meant to dress this post up more and get a bit more in depth but an aggressive schedule for November and early December has crippled this effort.