Los Ayer’s-Casas Viejas

Good day.  This week on the Show, we seem to have a collection of South / Latin American albums.  Let us start the week with this gem I got for $2.  It was previously owned by a Mr and Mrs Jose G. (can not make out the last name) off of Summer Mill Drive in Houston.  The title translates into Old House.

It also has a message and autograph made out to a Miguel.  Unfortunately, the message is in illegible Spanish and it is my bet that this is a personal message rather than an autograph by the band.  Who knows what mystery I could of unlocked if only these people wrote more clear?

Los Ayer’s  (translated The Yesterdays) was formed in Colombia in the 70’s and seem to be around today with at least one founding member still in the group.  They incorporated local folk rhythms into a style heavy on electric guitar. They have sold many records, released 17 LP’s and 5 CD’s, and toured around the Western  hemisphere as well as Europe.

Los Ayer’s webpage

This album seems to have been their fourth I am guessing and came out in 1975.  From CBS Records, it is a collection of straight forward Latin guitar. Pretty good stuff.  A lot of reverb.  Well , a good amount of reverb anyway.  Good drums as well along with good vocals.  This is what I consider typical Latin American soul.  Overall, I liked this album.

I really liked “El Lirico” and “Penas Amargas” but ultimately went with ” No Me Olvides” or ” Do Not Forget Me”.

Satisfactory record.