Nick Noble-Music For Lovers

This was from the collection of records I received from Big Al Pallister’s estate. So it is at zero cost. Why I picked this one, I do not know. Maybe to get it out of the way.

Nick Noble (born in 1926) was a Chicago born and bred singer who had some Billboard hits between 1957 and 1959.  Although he always remained popular in his hometown, he regained some national fame both in the early sixties as well as 1978.  Besides serving in the Navy towards the end of WWII, Noble was the nephew of Lou Mitchell, who opened the namesake Chicago Restaurant, in which Noble would later become an owner. He would die in 2012 at the age of 85.

Lou Mitchell’s Web Page

This record was released by Mercury’s Wing subsidiary and distributed in Canada by Quality Records.  Wing had some success in the late 50’s so that is when I am guessing this came out.  Alright album.  Kind of that old school 50’s crooner style that died with the advent of rock and roll.

For a sample, I went with “Right or Wrong”.

This album really is not my cup of tea but I do wonder if my pal Al Jr (whose father owned this record) was perhaps conceived because of it.  For that reason,  satisfactory enough.


Richard Harris- The Richard Harris Love Album

DSCN3727This was a dollar and worth checking out on price alone like a stripped pair of pants.p01bqtt7Richard Harris, the Irish actor (1930-2002) actually had a decent although very distinct vocal style (both singing and speaking).  This was first seen in his work on stage and on screen in Camelot.  He recorded several albums and had a bonifide hit of his first album with “MacArthur Park”.  Written by Jimmy Webb (composer of “By The Time I Get to Phoenix”), Webb had a hard time finding someone to do his song until he received a call from Harris.  Harris was looking for collaborators for his first album.  The result was pure gold and a huge hit for Harris.

This album seems to be a collection of earlier work compiled together on this record.  Most of the songs are written and arranged by Webb.  It is almost as much his album as Harris’s.  The songs are ok.  I think Harris’s over-the-top delivery is what makes the album. To quote, “It is the constant shuffling of schmaltz with the sublime that really pays off after a few listens.” At times, it is completely ridiculous.  The hippie get-up on the cover is pretty silly as well.DSCN3726

I really, really, really, really wanted to post “Mac Arthur Park” as I think it is a completely ridiculous song made better with equally ridiculous vocals.  However, my friend Tracy begged me not to, so I am not.  I decided to go with “What A Lot of Flowers”, which any Fat Boy Slim fan should recognize.2298_1NPA_00536_115

Someday this record is meh.  Other days, it is okay.   I am going with meh.  Besides a few good numbers, the premise wears thin at times.