Jeff Beck with the Jan Hammer Group- Live

This was $2.80 and purchased to inject a bit of rock into the blog which I like to do on Saturdays.  I saw Jeff Beck live at Sam Houston Coliseum.  He was a split bill with Stevie Ray Vaughn,  The year was 1989.  I was still in high school and was 15.  Terry Bozzio played drums.  Tony Hymas was on keys.  I remember being pretty stoked about “Freeway Jam”.  That is about all I remember.

Set List to said show

Interview with Beck and Vaughn and crew

Well, there is this live album, with a similar set up with the Jan Hammer Group.  Hammer best known for his work with the Mahavishnu Orchestra and the Miami Vice theme. Recorded somewhere on tout in 1976 (sources say the Astor Theater in Reading, PA on August 31) and released in 1977, this record features 7 songs which highlight Beck’s guitar skills as well as the interplay with the group.

For a sample, I went with “Full Moon Boogie”, solely because it had vocals, provided by drummer Tony Smith.  Just to round out the personnel, Fernando Saunders plays bass and Steve Kindler plays violin.

Good little album.  Satisfactory.

Deep Purple- Made In Japan

dscn5540This was $2.40.  Definitely picking this up for that price, especially for a double album. It was also in pretty good shape.deep-purple-3

This album, recorded from dates in Toyko and Osaka in 1972, was one of the first live albums of the modern rock era and probably one of the best.  The band at the time was coming of its biggest album to date, Machine Head, and was known for their live show.  Comprising of thier classic “MK II” lineup of Ian Gillan, Roger Glover, Ritchie Blackmore, Jon Lord, and Ian Paice, the band did not want to make a live record. They felt that they could not capture their live sound on tape alone.  However, the success of other live albums as well as the emergence of bootleg recordings of their show led them to re-analyze this decision as well as the idea of further promoting their music in Japan, where they were huge.dscn5541

According to Wikipedia, no overdubs were added to the performance.  Also, the band was even less hip to the final product.  Only Glover and Paice showed up for the mixing and nobody in the band wanted the record released outside of Japan. But it was and it became a world wide success.  It made the top ten in the Austria, Canada, Germany, Denmark, and Norway.  It reached #16 in the UK.  Furthermore, it went double platinum in the US where it would reach as high as #6 on Billboard.

The album is really good with some long extended jams taking up most of the sides.  Most of the songs are pretty long.  “Space Truckin” takes the complete side of one record and is probably one of the best songs.  Truth be told, there is not a bad moment on here but you know how I like to keep them samples short.  Therefore, for a sample, I am going with the shortest song on the album, the old reliable “Highway Star”.  It should be noted that Jon Lord’s organ on this song was a big influence on me way back when I used to play accordion (because many still ask, those days are long over).deep-purple-1970

Top Rated Record

Hank Thompson- At The Golden Nugget

dscn5526This was $2.00.  Of course, I am going to jump on this.  It is the kind of country that I adore. Also, as this is one of the Hanks, I have been meaning to post one of Thompson’s records for some time.  I have posted multiple Snow’s and a few Williams in the past.  mi0003443989

Hank Thompson was born in Waco, Texas in 1925.  He had a honky tonk vocal style similar to Ernest Tubb.  His backing band, the Brazos Valley Band, had a western swing style similar to Bob Wills, minus the solos.  When the two came together, it made a sound all its own; a combination of western swing and honky tonk.  Thompson burst on the scene with “Whoa Sailor” and had his first big hit in 1952 with “Wild Side Of Life”.

From there he continued to be a popular act, recording and performing throughout his career.  Popularity would fade in later decades, but Thompson would remain a popular concert draw.  His last public performance was in 2007.  In the same year, Thompson would die from lung cancer at age 82.hank-thompson_brazos-vally

This was a live recording released in 1961 from the Golden Nugget in Las Vegas.  If is right, this is one of the first live country albums.  It is also among Thompson’s best.

tumblr_ndjrjtkk9a1s0vozto1_1280It is a great album, indeed.  The Brazos Valley Boys are on fire with such tracks as “Orange Blossom Special” and “Steel Guitar Rag”.  The guitar is further bolstered by Merle Travis, who sits in with the band for this album. There are also a lot of good vocal songs such as “Honky Tonk Girl”, “She’s Just A Whole Lot Like You”, “John Henry” and “Have I Told You Lately That I Love You”. Pretty good overall record.dscn5527

For a sample, I decided to go with three songs.  I noticed I have been posting multiple songs pretty much all this week.  Is it laziness on my part?  Maybe.  Or maybe the songs are all just that good.  Well, which ever one you choose to believe, we are starting this album with Thompson singing one of Merle Travis’s hit tunes, “Nine Pound Hammer”.  We are also going with one made famous by Hank Williams, “Lost Highway” (note that this song may reappear this month).  Finally, I am submitting the closing number which is one of Thompson’s more popular numbers, “Six Pack To Go” complete with an outro.

hank-ttTop Rated album.