Los Ruffinos- Para Ritmo

Keeping it Latin this week with this record I got for a dollar.  Not sure why I bought it other than to  roll the dice and see what I could come up with.  The title translates to For Rhythm. 3 years of writing this blog and I still struggle spelling that word  (rhythm that is).

Los Ruffinos were from Cuba and appear to be a combination of female and male duos.  Apparently, the group was consisted of Mercedes VillaVerde, her husband Ignacio Ruffino, and their children, Carlos and Julie. On closer inspection of the album cover, the resemblance is uncanny They were popular in the 50’s and faded away around the 70’s.  It looks like they released around a handful of records as well as singles. Julie passed in 1987.  Two years later Mercedes past as well. I am assuming that Ignacio has also passed.

Web Page with a brief history in spanish

I am not sure when this came out.  My guess is the 50’s.  It was released on the Tropical Label.  Pretty standard vocal stuff.  A bit dated but I guess it is alright.  For a record I am sort of less than jazzed about, I actually picked a lot of songs as candidates for a sample.

I liked “Mienteme”, Si Y No”, and “Triana Morena” but ultimately went with “Syboney” as I have posted instrumental versions several times on this blog.

I really can’t say that I liked a bunch of the songs and call this album meh despite being a bit more subdued than I was hoping. Plus after learning their back story, I gained a but more appreciation for the group.  Besides, it was only a buck.  So satisfactory.