Ray Price- Sings Heart Songs

Woo hoo!! Friday.  Here is a subject I have completely exhausted on this blog.  That is because he is one of my favorites.  This was $4 and despite the cover being beat, was actually in decent shape.  I like the title.  Sounds like it was written by Thor.

This was Ray Price’s first album, released in 1957.  Pretty good little way to start one’s career.  I don’t think it made a whole lot of noise chart wise. but Price did have a slew of top singles including “Crazy Arms” under his belt when this was released.

A lot of good songs but of course, I am drawn to my favorites and Price’s version of “Faded Love” is no exception.  Therefore here it is as a sample.

Great album- Top Rated.

Hank Snow- The One and Only

Closing out Hank Week with my favorite Hank.  That would be Snow.  This was $3.00.

I have posted many Snow albums on this blog.  Search for them.  Other than that, I have really exhausted the subject and can not write anything more.

This album, released in 1962, is a collection of previously recorded material that was unavailable to this point.  With Youtube, the days of struggling to find unreleased music have greatly been eliminated and for the most part, taken for granted.  But when this was released, the struggle was real.  Pretty good album.  A lot of highlights including the old standard “The Wreck of the Old 97” and a tribute to Snow’s hero Jimmie Rodgers with “Anniversary Blue Yodel”.

For  samples, I went with two flashy numbers.  “Ladies Man” shows Snows rapid fire vocal delivery while “Spanish Fire Ball” has  a blistering guitar line.

Satisfactory Record.

Hank Locklin- Original Country and Western Stars

Hank Week is chugging along with this album from Hank Locklin.  This was $1. I got it for the song that I am posting. Back in 5/11/1968, this album belonged to a person by the name of Blackmon.

Locklin, (1918-2009) was a singer-songwriter and close to 50 year veteran of the Grand Ole Opry.  From 1949 to 1971, he had 70 charting singles.  This was a greatest hits album that appears to be a series from Design Records.

This album was released in 1962.  A good chunk of his hits are on here but the album is notably missing a few including “Please Help Me, I’m Falling” and “Geisha Girl”.  Perhaps this is due to licencing issues.

I bought this album for Locklin’s big hit and perhaps signature number which would be covered by many in both country and pop music as well as referenced by Morrisey, “Send Me The Pillow That You Dream On”.  I liked this song so much I started playing it myself but I have kind of modified it.  I changed the vocal structure a bit as well as one of the lines.  I never liked the chorus line “I still care for you”.  If a guy is going to sing about heartbreak, he needs a stronger emotion than caring.  I switched it out to ” I’m still in love with you”.  Due to these modifications, I can no longer listen to the original versions.  But this still is a great song and the blueprint to what I am doing so here it is as a sample.

As of late, I have been going back thru the blog’s musical archives and I believe this is probably the most posted song besides “Brazil”.  As far as the album, meh.  Could have been a better compilation.  No strike against Locklin.

Barbara Mandrell- Midnight Angel

Happy Boxing Day.  This was 80 cents.  I really like Barbara Mandrell.  I watched her show as a kid. A pal of mine came into to town Christmas Eve.  we had a couple of drinks and what not .  When I woke, my apartment was trashed.  Records and power cords everywhere.  So I got to clean for Christmas.

One of the things I keep trying to do while in Amsterdam but for some reason keep missing is the Brouwerij Brewery.  I believe it the largest craft brewer in the area.  Located kind of out of the way down on the Eastern Docklands, the Brewery has been growing in popularity as craft beer has also become more popular.  I went their twice.  The first time, I was too early so I had a drink at the nice cafe next door.  The second time, I was too late.  Way too crowded.

This was Mandrell’s sixth album.  It was released in 1976.  At the time, Mandrell as have modest success in country music.  Bigger success was on her horizon.  Decent album.  I liked it enough.  The title track was the lead single.  I also liked “Partners” and “I Never Said I Love You”.

For a sample, I went with a song off the album that would be a single for her next album, “Married…But Not To Each Other”.


Willie Nelson- Country Willie

dscn6182And so begins another month of Donkey Show.  It seems like this year just started yesterday and now it is almost over.  Not doing the Christmas record thing this year.  If you are looking for some Christmas music, feel free to take advantage of this blogs Category selection of Christmas Music from the Menu.  Anyway, this record, with some water damage to the cover, was $1.  rs-115741-b2b86ab843ec2616844ca15dc6d42ac1239e0e9e

This record was a compilation album of Willie Nelson’s early efforts, released in 1975 at the start of Nelson’s defining Outlaw Country period.  It contains a few songs penned by Nelson such as the title track and “Night Life”, as well as some traditional country standards.

Pretty good album.  It comes from the period of country music that I like the best.  Sometimes it is hard to remember what Nelson was like pre-seventies.dscn6183

For a sample, I am using a song which is one of my favorite standards, “Columbus Stockade”.  I first became aware of this song from Judy Henske’s album.  Anyway, this version is a wonderful jazz/bop version which is a bit strange for Nelson during this period of his music.  Anyway, it is pretty good.  I also threw in “Country Willie” for those looking for something more traditionally country.8750891-0

Satisfactory record.

Russ Aston- Ruf-Nec

DSCN2511This was $3.00 and was autographed. It was made out to a Travis who I am guessing was the singer’s boss at some point. I worked selling oilfield equipment for 15 years of my life so I am kind of sentimental to records like this.

Drilling rig in the night

This is a collection of oilfield songs by a former roughneck, Russ Aston. Born in Indiana and raised in New Mexico. While his first love was singing, his meal ticket was oilfield, working from roughneck to toolpusher. The songs at times are clever re-workings of country standards. It was recorded in Calgary, Alberta and distributed by London Records of Canada.

Eagle Ford Drilling Rig

It should also be note that the rig on the cover was Commonwealth Drilling Rig No 26. It drilled what was the deepest hole in Canada at the time of this record, 16,540 feet. I am guessing this came out in the sixties.DSCN2512

Since this is a small record, and because it hits home, I decided to post more than a few songs for this. I like “The Old Drilling Rig” when he talks about all the places it has been, West Texas to Leduc, from Venezuela to Iran. “Easy Money in the Oilpatch” talks about the hard work involved for that easy green. “Goin’ In the Hole” is a good number. I am partial to “Oh, You Drillin’ Rig” because it calls out that old Ideco derrick (would have been Dreco derrick in the song of this album was written later). Finally, Russ sings a song about one of the most storied people ever to work the oilpatch in “The Legend of Red Adair”.

Satisfactory record for me.