Carole King- Music

This little gem was $1 and thus too cheap to pass up.  As a kid growing up, my best friend’s mom used to play Tapestry religiously, like many folks from that era I assume.  So far, 2018 has been pleasant for the blog.  Nice crisp posts with no more than 10- 20 minutes of prep time.

Carole King is one of the great song writers of the last century. having worked on 118 pop hits in the US as well as 61 hits in the UK.  When she set out to record on her own, her second album, the earlier mentioned Tapestry was a massive success as well as her best seller. So I beg the question: as every career has an apex, how does one follow their highest achievement? (As a side note to this question, shortly after writing this post I watched The Man Who Wasn’t There, and much like The Hudsucker Proxy, The Big Lebowski, Burn After Reading, and the wonderful Hail, Caesar!, it had the ominous distinction of being a Coen Brother movie that followed right after a critical high point for the duo and in all probability did not get the treatment that they deserved. At least Lebowski eventually gained a cult following.)

Well, I think that is why I bought this album.  To answer that question. King released this, her third album, in 1971, which was the same year of Tapestry.   It sold very well, quickly going Gold then Platinum.  In fact, both albums stayed together in the Top Ten for a considerable amount of time. Musically, it is very similar in the laid back vein of its predecessor and it that respects it is quite good.  Is it as good as Tapestry? No, but I think that is an unfair benchmark and besides, the record sales really speak for itself.

For a sample, I went with the last track “Back To California” which I thought was a real driving number,  I did think the fade out was a tad pre-mature though. Also, one of my pet peeves is a track listing on the album cover that does not match the actual record.  Oh well, when you are the master song writer with tons of hits, I guess you can do things your way.

If you feel you are missing something with the brief posts, I invite you to Google the subject and fill in any blanks.  Other than that, Satisfactory.