Peters and Lee- We Can Make It

This record was a bit pricey at $3.00.  I think the purple suits as well as pink lettering made me buy it.  I also liked the sunglasses on the dude.  I thought it made him look like Jose Felicano and that perhaps he may be blind as well.

Well, that hunch was correct.  Lennie Peters (born in 1931 in London and an uncle to the Rolling Stones’ Charlie Watts) was blinded in one eye after a car accident at age 5.  At age 16, fate cruelly came for the other eye after an incident with a thrown brick.  Despite this handicap, he became a piano player on the British pub circuit with two singles before meeting actress and dancer Diane Lee (born in Sheffield in 1950).  

Although she started as backup singer to Peters, the two became a folk/pop duo in the 1970’s scoring hit records in the 1970’s with numerous television appearances.  The duo split in 1980 with several reunions thereafter until the death of Peters from bone cancer in 1992. I believe Lee still performs in some capacity today or perhaps I just did not want to look into it any further.

This was the duo’s first album, released in 1973.  It was a #1 record in the UK and has the distinction of being one of the few #1 albums in Britain not to be transferred to CD format.  The album was bolstered by their hit single “Welcome Home” which was also #1.  Overall, a decent album.  Peters is really at the forefront of most songs. I really liked “Cryin Time”, “There They Go”, and “Never My Love”.

For a sample, I decided to go with “Good Morning Freedom”, I think because the wah-wah guitar.

Decent album but a bit higher than I would have liked and I do not think it translates well outside of 1970’s Britain.  But being that I am in a good mood today, satisfactory,  That is really what my reviews come down to: what side of the bed I get up on,


Cliff Richard- It’s All In The Game

DSCN5071 (1024x1012)This was $3.00.  I got it because I have been fascinated with Cliff Richard for some time.  Moreover, I am curious why a radical like the People’s Poet would be fascinated in Cliff Richard.

I asked someone abroad to explain Cliff Richard to me.  They said he was the British Elvis.  I call bunk on this since Richard is still alive and not dead on a toilet.  But this is an apt description I guess.  Before the Beatles, he was the UK’s biggest pop singer.  With his backing band, The Shadows, Richard burst on the scene in 1958.portrait with guitar about the young musicans

Over a 50 plus year career, with subsequent ups and downs, Richard scored 14 UK #1 singles, numerous top 20 albums, singles, and eps, and pretty much every British award a singer can earn.  They even made a musical about him with four performers playing the title role.  It was not very successful, however.

Cliff’s Webpage

This was Cliff’s second album to be released in the US.  It came out long after he was established in the UK, in 1964. It consists of previous released UK singles, some cuts from eps, and a few songs from unreleased sessions. It is alright but it is relatively romantic album and not the wild Presley/Little Richard style rock and roll Richard was supposedly known for at the time.  The title track, “Secret Love”  and “I Only Have Eyes For You” stand out as well as the song which I am using for a sample.DSCN5072 (1024x1007)

That song is “Where The Four Winds Blow’ which is pretty good.  cliff_richards

But as far as repacked foreign compilations go, this one is pretty meh compared to what Richard’s UK output was at the time.