Toni Carroll- Sings The Hits Of The Roaring 20’s

Here we are with another album from the beginning of the last century.  The 1920’s to be exact.  I am not sure why I keep buying these as I am largely disappointed with the 20’s records I purchase.  In most cases, they are too campy for my liking.  Well, despite my constantly being burned by these, works, I bought this.  Not sure why other than the girl on the cover (who still looks campy).  This was $1.  I am sure the low price helped.

As this was from the prestigious Longines Symphonette Society, I did not look at the track listing until I got home.  When I did, I was presently surprised and started to warm up to the idea of this record, most likely because they had a good number of songs from One Froggy Evening.  I thought about those tin pan writers from the period and wonder how they would feel about the fact their legacy lives today because of a cartoon frog.

This was released by the Society in 1964.  From what I cam tell of Toni Carroll, she was born in St Louis MO, became a Copa Girl as well as  a Latin Quarter Singer.  She put out a few records as well as various appearances on stage and TV, including the Joe Franklin Show.  According to the now defunct Houston Post, she was the first American singer to perform at the Moscow Art Theater.

Link to her page

I really did enjoy this album.  I mean there is an element of camp but it is quite manageable.  And I did like a lot of the song.  Carroll is a pretty talented singer.  I ma guessing she is an equally talented dancer which is an aspect missed since this is a record.  Anyway, I can proudly say that this is the first 20’s album that I really liked.


For a sample, I was tempted to go with something from the cartoon I had previously mentioned but instead I was really taken aback by “Five Foot Two” so here it is .

Satisfactory Record.