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This blog is a Don Quixote inspired documentation of one man’s journey thru consumerism on a fixed income.


I buy cheap records and after reading music blogs for ten years, decided to do my own.

The premise is pretty simple.  I enjoy buying discount used records in the range of $1.00 to $5.00.  I buy a handful of these records a week on average.  At least once a week, I blog about one of these albums, provide a rational to why I bought them, review the album, attempt to provide some background, and play a sample track.

Straight up, I hate the technical side of this.  I make no bones about that.

If you are the copyright owner of any of these and you want the content removed, please email me directly and I will do so.  I must say, however, that 98% of the new music I purchased in the last ten years was fueled by music blogs.

I can be contacted at jamesframe151@yahoo.com . DSC06383

On a personal note, I live in Houston, Texas.  I don’t see as much live music as I did 15 years ago (getting old), but still actively seek music out whether audio blogs or used records.  I like most all types.  My favorite band is the Pogues although I will try not to reflect that here. I can bastardize and manipulate most instruments.

I feel it is also important to acknowledge that my favorite Clash album is Sandinista!.  This should explain a lot about the content of this blog.

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  1. I was looking for things on the internet that showed pictures of my mom, articles and possibly music. Her name is Janet Smith and she sang with Ed Gerlach for 26 years. I came across this blog. My mom sadly passed away on the 4th of August at the age of 82. You mention in the blog that you arent sure if Ed Gerlach is still alive or not, I wanted to let you know that he is and he is 95. I spoke with him a couple of weeks ago. If you ever run across other recordings with my mom on it, I’d love to know about it and try to get it. I dont have anything. Thanks so much for the blog. I enjoyed it.
    Dana Snider

    1. Thank you for your feedback and sorry to hear about Janet. If you want to email me a brief Bio, (jamesframe151@yahoo.com), I will make a post for her with one of her songs from the Gerlach album. That is if you want to. If I find anything else with her vocals out there, I will definitely post that as well.

      1. Thank you so much. I am working on gathering information about her career and will definitely get back to you once I have it compiled. I have run across cassette tapes she recorded and havent been able to listen to them yet. She was on Local TV KPRC in Houston in the 1950’s and Im still trying to locate possible film from that show.

  2. I am Ramon Salazar jr. otherwise known as (munchie) in the old days . George soto was my neighbor. my dad had a mom and pop grocery store in el barrio and in 1958-59 I saw a guy named Jerry Luna playing guitar in a talent show. 2-3 weeks later I bought his guitar from a music store and that is the first step I took into music.it was a sunburst acoustic stella guitar for $25.00 paid in payments. George was my neighbor and he bought a guitar too. so we started by learning from anyone we could. my brother could play a little , and we learned from him. I started hanging around the only music store in town on Saturdays so I picked up ideas from people going
    there and I would come home and practice them with George.
    that’s all we did practice , practice , practice. fast forward to 1964-we started recording—– one song in English, slowly slowly but surely, with cobra records (Abe Epstein) from san Antonio, texas after that it was all Spanish—- 34 songs —-in a three year span –MOSTLY WITH ROSINA label
    we had six different singers during the 14 years we were traveling , we had two black guys who could sing Spanish more later. 1

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