Henry Mancini/ Doc Severinsen- Brass on Ivory

Here is a record from two artists who I frequently post for $1.

This collaboration from composer Henry Mancini and trumpeter Doc Severinsen was released by RCA in 1972.  Mancini handles the arrangement and piano duties while Severinsen takes up the fluegel horn.  Despite the high credentials of both artists, I found this album to be too slow and too ballad heavy.  One fast tempo-ed song would not have killed anyone.  Oh, well.  We are left then with what it is, two musical geniuses locked in a slow collection of ballads.

For a sample, I went with the theme to “Brian’s Song”, the 1971 made for tv movie we had to watch in jr high school that showed how two people can overcome race relations if they are highly paid athletes.  The movie chronicled the story of Chicago Bear tea mates Brian Piccolo and Gale Sayers, who were adversaries and then friends with Sayers sticking by his pal until his untimely death from a tollbooth shooting.* Also, this song was written by another frequent guest, the Frenchman Michel Legrand

I can take pride since I have spoken so well of both artist in the past, in giving this record a poor review.  Meh.  Could have used a few more upbeat tunes.

*I would think that this is obvious satire since Picollo died of cancer at age 26 while the actor who played him in the movie, James Caan, was famously shot as Sonny Corleone in The Godfather, but for the sake of anyone who can not take a joke, here is this disclaimer.

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