Wesley Boyd- Songs of Ireland

St. Patrick’s Day is this Friday and so here at the Show, we are posting Irish albums all week.  This record is another one of the records I received from my pal, Micahl.  It is also the second album I found in the bunch that is autographed. I get a kick out of the autographed albums and have quite a collection built up after almost two years of doing this blog.

From what I could piece together, Wesley Boyd was (or possibly is) a baritone singer from Belfast, Northern Ireland.  He won several prestigious singing awards in both Belfast and Dublin before moving to the US in 1959.  He was very involved in crusades and religious missions in the US, most notably for Billy Graham.  Most of the information I dug up on him came from small town newspapers covering these events. The Pampa Daily News have him living in Oklahoma City in 1960.  His wife, Margaret accompanied him on organ as well as the piano on this record.

This album really showcases Boyd’s rich voice against some of the more classical Irish songs.  The piano is minimal yet elegant.  Pretty good album.  A lot of decent tracks on here that diverge from the typical Irish-pub tunes. For a sample, I was torn between a couple choices so I went with one of my favorites, “Bridget Flynn”, “Eileen Oge” and the old classic standard, “Galway Bay” which was done rather flippantly by the Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem.

Decent enough record.  Satisfactory.

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  1. I met the Boyd’s in Oklahoma City while we attended the same church for a while. He was the music director at the church. I grew to enjoy them. He sang at my wedding in 1983. I lost track of them shortly after that because of moving to Nee Mexico. Not long after that they returned to Ireland. I don’t know any recent history on them. I ran across your site as I was doing a Google search for any information on Wesley and Margaret! They gave me this album.

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