Joanie Greggains- Aerobic Shape-Up II

DSCN4859 (800x790)Every once in a while, I like to shake things up and put a bit of a novelty item out.  I know some of you are thinking why don’t I shape it up by playing something good.  Back to the point, this is this month’s said novelty.  It cost 80 cents.downloadff

Joanie Greggains is a fitness instructor from California who had a syndicated TV show in the 1980’s along with instructional videos, books, and records.  She was part of the 80’s fitness invasion which hit America in that decade. She currently in the state of California.  I am not sure what she is doing these days, but whatever it is, she is doing it.

Note in the clip above that Greggains is going off on Don Johnson and Miami Vice. I found that funny. I also was a bit disturbed that she looks the same today as she did in the 80’s but that’s healthy living for you.Joanie_Greggains_18_crop_a

Joanie’s webpage

When I bought this, I was hoping the backing music would be self produced and cheesy but this album uses the original songs.  Greggains gives instruction of the tunes and there is an illustrated book wit the record to show you do the exerices.DSCN4860 (738x800)

Artists on the album include Stevie Wonder, Paul McCartney, The Everly Brothers, Kool & the Gang, and Dianna Ross.  Again, it is no fault of anybody’s but I was really hoping for some cheesy self produced musak.DSCN4861 (800x784)

For a sample, I went with a tummy toning exercise backed by Frankie Smith and “Double Dutch Bus”. Greggains’ instructions over the music give this an “Electric Slide” kind of feel.hqdefault

I know this was cheap and worth taking a risk on but I was really looking for bad musak.  So meh.


4 thoughts on “Joanie Greggains- Aerobic Shape-Up II”

    1. This one? Really? I probably can but it will take me a couple of days to find it and convert it to Mp3. Out of curiosity, why?

      1. My wife collects everything regarding 80’s fitness. This album is on her want list….
        Would really appreciate if you would make a digital copy for me.

        1. What part of the world are you in? I can just mail you the record. I don’t think I will ever listen to it again and it has a pretty decent booklet with it that your wife would probably enjoy is she collects that stuff. Shoot me your address in an email when you can to and I will see what I can do.

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