Faron Young- I’ve Got Precious Memories

Although we are well into the month of February, as far as administrative purposes go, here begins yet another month of Donkey Show.  For February’s past, I have done themes, namely soundtracks for Oscars and music celebrating Black History month.  Well, this month is just plain old February with an odd week highlighting a special topic.  Well, no better way to kick off this month’s posts with an artist who is quickly becoming one of my new favorites, Faron Young.  I watched the Hank Williams biopic again the other day , I Saw The Light.  I was still largely unimpressed but I am starting to warm up to it a bit.  Anyway, the scene where Williams steals Young’s girlfriend is in the movie and made me think of this record, which I bought for a dollar.

A  Shreveport, LA native, Young was originally wanted to become a pop singer until he saw Hank Williams on the Louisiana Hayride.  Well pops loss is country music’s gain.  Frequent blog subject and fellow North Louisianan Webb Pierce discovered him and the rest as the lazy writer will say, is history.

This album, released in 1969 by Mercury records, came out about mid-career for Young.  It would reach #38 on the country charts.  The title track would serve as the chief single, reaching #25. Pretty decent little album.  Young is like the rest of the old school country stars.  You know what you are getting when you buy their albums.  If I was to give any criticism, I would say all the songs kind of sound the same, but you an easily get away with that when all your songs sound good.

For a sample, I went with “When All I Need Is You.”  For the record, “Drinking Champagne”, “One Man World”, and “You Bet Your Sweet Life” were close contenders.


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