Va- Shut Down

Technically speaking, we are done with the administrative month of January with this post. This was $4.80 with discount. Last post of the week + last post of the month= a very quick post.

This record from Capitol is a compilation of car themed numbers.  The album features songs by The Beach Boys, The Cheers. The Super Stocks, The Piltdown Men, Jimmy Dolan, The Eligibles, and actor Robert Mitchum.  As much as I wanted to use the Mitchum track (“The Ballad of Thunder Road”), I felt that it was a too well known track and his calypso record was much better.  However, good luck every finding this for under $8.


But back to the point, this is a great little album of hot rod songs.  For samples, I had a hard time narrowing it down, so I am left with four tracks.  I decided to go with some of the lesser known artists . First, we have the 1950’s vocal group, The Cheers with ” Black Denim Trousers and Motorcycle Boots” backed by the Les Baxter Orchestra.

Next we have The Super Stocks, a studio band led by Gary Usher and backed up by the Wrecking Crew. Here they are with “Wide Track”.

After that, we have the double saxophone assault of the Piltdown Men led by Ed Cobb, with “Brontosaurus Stomp”.

Finally, we have the doo-wop group the Eligibles, who backed up various singers such as Gene Vincent and Sonny James.  Here they are with “Car Trouble”.

Nifty little record.  Top Rated.

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