VA- All Night Sing

I have been hyping up Latin week all week so imagine my embarrassment when I found out the album I had scheduled for today was already posted back in December.  Boy was my face red.  Well I had already recorded this but ran out of of room this month so due to this error, here it is now.  I guess I could have just pulled another record but I really did not want to listen to any more albums for January.  Anyway, here is a quick deviation for the week.  It was $2.  I got it for the Carter Family, more than likely.

The Carter Family

Here is a collection of gospel numbers from various groups on the RCA Camden label.  So I imagine this has been culled from other sources as was RCA Camden style.  I believe this came out in 1963.  Pretty straight old school gospel with such groups as The Carter Family, The Blackwood Brothers Quartet, Stuart Hamblen, the Statesmen Quartet with Hovie Lister, The Speer Family, and the discoverer of Dolly Parton, Porter Wagoner.

Pretty good album.  I liked a lot of these songs.  However, I went with a jumping little number, “God’s Love” by the Speer Family.  Also, since I mentioned the Carter’s, I guess I should include “On The Sea Of Galilee”.

The Speer Family

Good record.  Satisfactory.

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