The Paranas- At Hotel Hersey

Keeping it Latin this week.  Today we are going to Paraguay.  This was $2.80.  It had a pretty good track list as well.

The Paranas formed in Paraguay in 1959.  Taking their name from the river that divides their country from Argentina, the group was a trio but by the time of this recording, it was made up of Nino Palacios on lead guitar and vibes, Reinaldo Gomez on percussion and guitar, Julian Nunez on bass and guitar, and Lorenzo Gonzalez on harp and percussion.  They performed all over their country as well as in Uruguay, Argentina, and Brazil on stage, in film , tv, and radio. A US Sargent stationed in Paraguay heard them and in 1967, arranged for them to come to the US.  Apparently after a few personal changes, the band dissolved in 1990.

I am not sure when this came out but I believe it was sometime in the 70’s.  It was recorded live in Hersey, PA.  It is really a quite wonderful album.  The track list superb with a diverse group of classics as “Guantanmera”, “Mais Que Nada”, “Meditation”, “Twelfth Street Rag”, “Malaguena”, “Besame Mucho”, and “Granada”.  Also the interplay and musicianship of the guitar and harp are beautiful.  Really great album.

For a sample, I was really taken back by all the aforementioned tracks but ultimately was fascinated by “The Train” a musical representation of a train ride.  I also thought “Sol-Amancere Sin Ti” really good.  Both showcased the groups massive talent.

Top Rated Record.


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