The Barry Sisters- A Time To Remember

If my calculations are correct, today marks the first night of Hanukkah.  Happy Hanukkah everybody! To celebrate this event, here is the effort from the Barry Sisters.  It was 43 and probably bought specifically for this event (or maybe Passover- who can remember?).

I have featured the Barry Sisters on this site before so if you want to learn anything else about Minnie and Clara, I suggest you either search for the last post or check Google.  Did I mention I am on vacation?

This record was released by ABC Records in 1967 and is a collection of pretty standard Yiddish tunes. Well, I believe they are pretty standard.  Not 100% up to date on my Yiddish material.  Anyway, this was done around the end of their career but still a good little record.  A couple real interesting pieces. Perhaps if I were not on vacation, then I would be inclined to write a little more or at least re-read the back cover and regurgitate that information (according to the back cover, the song “is a happy wishing song” translating into “I Wish, I Wish”).

For a sample, here is “Alevai, Alevai” which I am sure means something but am too lazy to look into any further.


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