Charley Pride- The Sensational Charley Pride

Well, here we are with another month as well as the last month of the year for the Ol’ Show of the Donkey.  I am also way ahead of schedule as it is just become October as of the time of this writing.  Some good news, in a week (from reading this , not writing it), I will be in Amsterdam for vacation.  Yay me.  Expect some more detail about this trip in January or February.  But for right now, we are kick off the month with this, which I bought for .

Good Ol’ Charley Pride (born in 1938 in Sledge , Miss.).  A legend in country music who persevered at a time that was none too friendly to African Americans in general. A former pitcher who played in both the Negro League as well as the minors,  he is one of three African-Americans who are members of the Grand Ol’ Opry.  He is also one of the few to gain success in the industry.  But the success he gained was massive.  During his peak years,  Pride had 52 Top Ten Country singles, with 29 hitting the top spot.

This record was released in 1969, right before his prime years in the 70’s, and was his 7th studio recording for RCA Victor.  Pride would become the label’s biggest artist since Elvis in the later decade.  But here is this record, with some good country tunes.  Apparently Jerry Reed did some sessions work on this.

For a sample, I went with one of my favorites, the Doug Kershaw penned “Louisiana Man”.




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