Knuckle Fingers Joe-Honky Tonk Piano


Here is another piece of old timey music that I bought for ….. $2?  Should have been cheaper.  I am not sure if there was a song on here that I liked or at the time of purchase I just had a thing for pian-ee.  For some reason or another I keep buying these old timey records and keep getting disappointed. And for yet another reason, I still keep on a buying them.

This came out on Custom Records, a budget label run by the Bihari Brothers, who were apparently legends in the world of budget labels.  I believe this came out some point in the sixties.  I am also pretty sure old Knuckles Joe is a studio band.I probably posted this before but to me this gag only gets slightly old.


Other than the old school bar room piano .  There is not much else to say about this record.  For a sample, I went with “Hot Time In The Old Town Tonight” with the slightly out of tune sound.  Almost makes you want to throw a mug of beer across the bar.

Meh.  But I will not let this deter me from future old timey purchases.

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