Original Cast Recording- Annie Get Your Gun

And with this, we are done with our month long salute to Broadway. Overall, it went OK although I must say, I was unable to post what is my favorite musical Guys and Dolls.  Also painfully omitted is The Music Man which I already posted some time back  Other than that, here is this which has been all over this blog this month.  Well, saving the best for last with this original cast recording.

This has been the end of my month long salute to that old Broad, Broadway.  Despite really being sick of musical records this month, I learned something interesting about the evolution of musicals while doing this post.  You had the early 20th century musical theater in which you had either follies or songs that are separate and really highlight the performer rather than the story.  That is why I can name about a dozen Rodgers and Hart songs but none of their musicals (with the exception of Pal Joey but that is more because of the movie with Frank Sinatra).  Then you have the Golden Age of 1940-1964 with the book musical I have been mostly highlighting.  During this time as well as the last era, the songs were American popular music.  But the story’s and the musicals themselves were just as important.  Then finally in 1964, we saw yet another shift.  Rock and roll and other forms had pushed Broadway music out of the pop charts.  However, the works themselves had become bigger than ever.  This is still evident today as you can look at Les Miserables, Phantom of The Opera, Chicago, and so on, but would be pressed to name a song from any, despite the music is just as good as it ever was.  In short, it would seem the music and the overall work over the last century were on two different trajectories which existed together during that middle golden age. At least that is how I see it.

The original production which opened in 1946, ran 1,147 performances.  For more information, check out the video below as I am exhausted on the subject of Annie and musicals in general. I must again say, I got a lot of mileage out of these videos and found them quite enjoyable.

For a sample, I went with what is perhaps one of the greatest duets ever to grace the stage, not to mention one that I threw up several times this month, “Anything You Can Do”.

Satisfactory.  Another month done. No more Broadway for awhile.

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