Original Cast Recording- Gypsy

Yay.  It is Saturday and one more week of the Broadway theme I have driven into the ground.  This was $4.  It has been described by critics as the perfect mid 20th century American book musical.  Quite a bold statement.

This production, based on the memoirs of old timey stripper Gypsy Rose Lee was a project of producer David Merrick and actress Ethel Merman.  With direction and choreography from Jerome Robbins, a book by Arthur Larents, music by Jule Styne, and lyrics by Stephen Sondheim, the show opened in May of 1959 and ran 702 performances.  It also starred Merman, Jack Klugman, and Sandra Church.

Known as musical theater’s King Lear, the production is as much a testament to the lead character, Rose, the demanding stage mother who is either a saint or a monster, depending on what critical analysis you buy into. Regardless, the songs have become popular standards.  Various revivals have gone on over time.  The film version which was posted earlier this month also was released in 1962.

This album itself, won a Grammy. Here from that effort is the catharsis moment for the ultimate stage mother in “Rose’s Turn”.


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