Jimmy Reed- The Boss Man of the Blues; More of the Best

DSCN4247This was around $3.00.  I got it at a record convention I went to with my friend Tracy three weeks ago.MTE1ODA0OTcxMzY3NDk5Mjc3A friend of mine’s father past away recently.  We had met once I believe and became friends on the social media, where we chatted a bit. I would say we shared a similar affliction but compared to Leaf fans, Oiler fans are debutantes in suffering.  He always gave me good praise for albums he liked on this website which I always appreciated, especially when I first started.  He did always say he though, that he was waiting for me to post some good blues albums.DSCN4249

The problem with that it when I was buying records more frequently, I went to predominately Half Priced Books, which sell fine used records but tend to reflect a more mature and , let’s face it, white seller.  Also most good blues albums don’t sell under $5.00.  To get a better selection of different styles, I need to go to records conventions, which is really the sole reason I go to conventions as Lord knows I need more records right now.12936714_1119213214769066_8728313371172327409_n

So three weeks ago, I thought of him when I saw this album not to mention the fact that I like Jimmy Reed.  I bought it with him in mind.  I was going to play it next month, but in memory of Big Al, here is two from a Greatest Hits compilation from Vee Jay Records.  “Oh John” and “Odds and Ends”.



Jack Teagarden- Shades of Night

DSCN4244This was 80 cents.  I am not sure why I bought it other than I like saying tromboner.  Please note that at the time of writing this, I have just completed by 5th day in a row of working 12 hour days.  The big job is over.  Today was the day of days and went a lot smoother than I imagined.413145

c637b0d6c4b4a4452ed258677c8abbb0Jack Teagarden (1905-1964) is regarded as the Father of the Jazz Trombone.  Born in Vernon, Texas, he expanded the trombone away from the traditional tailgate style of New Orleans bass bands into a more bluesier sound.  Known as the Big T, he played in various big bands.  He would die alone of a heart attack at age 58.

Jack’s Web Page

This came out in 1959 on Capitol Records.  It has decent reviews online.  Oddly enough, this is one of the few of his albums with no songs sung by Teagarden.  Technically, it is a good album but I probably would have enjoyed it more with a few vocals.  I guess the nuances of good jazz trombone escape me.

DSCN4245For a sample, I went with “Strange”.

223333.140820_ttsMeh album, mainly because I am just so tired.


Connie Smith- Soul of Country Music

This was a dollar.  Connie looks pretty on the cover.  The title also sounded interesting.  This was the first Connie Smith album I bought.  It was previously owned by one Diane Trepanier.  DSCN4240I wrote a post on Connie earlier that I thought was alright.  I had much more spar time when I wrote it.  Right now, I am coming off four  12 hour work days.  So this is what you are getting.Connie-Smith

Link to earlier post on Connie Smith

I counted 8 records but Wikipedia says this was her ninth studio album.  It came out in 1967.  It went to #7 on the US Country charts.  The album contained all cover versions of country songs yet no Hank.  It would be her last album to reach the Top Ten.DSCN4243

The title made me by the album but I felt it was misleading.  There are more soulful country sings, Bobbie Gentry being one of them.  However, it is real good old school female country.  I liked the album.  dwww

Here are two tracks from that album, “Don’t Keep Me Lonely Too Long” and “It’s Such a Pretty World Today”.hoohoohoo

I liked her first album better but this is still good. Satisfactory album.


Raphael Munoz and his Orchestra- Top Pops of Latin America

DSCN4235This was 80 cents.  That made it worth a shot.  Usually I spend the weekend getting caught up and ahead on the blog. However, I worked 12 hours on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. So this week’s will be short.A-884705-1350828327-5041.jpeg

Raphael Munoz was a popular Puerto Rican bandleader, at least in Puerto Rico. He played saxophone, flute, trumpet, and bass. He died at age 61 at age 61.  It was reported on page 30 of Billboard magazine.  He was the first president of the Puerto Rican Musician’s Union.  Coincidence?

Some More Information

To keep this brief, this is what I would call Ball-Room Latin American Music.  I thought it more Mexican because of the sound and the song selection but there you go.DSCN4237

For a sample, I went with “Malditos Celos”, which Google translates into “Damn Jealous”.  He’s damn jealous I say.

For the record, it was worth the 80 cents but not much more.  I will say it is satisfactory in that regard.


Bloomfield, Kooper, Stills- Super Session


DSCN4227This was $3.20.  Looking at the names on the cover, if you know anything about music and musicians, you would take a chance on this album.


Al Kooper organized Blood, Sweat, and Tears, worked with Dylan among others in the early days, and is kind of a musician’s go-to musician if that makes sense.  Mike Bloomfield was one of the first music superstars to be known purely for his guitar playing.  He later died of an overdose.  Steven Stills was in Buffallo Springfield, Crosby, Stills, and Nash, (with and without Young) and is Still alive in spite of that.


This album was made in 1968.  Kooper, who had just left BS&T, and Bloomfield, who was about to leave Electric Flag, decided to book some studio time with bassist Harvey Brooks and drummer “Fast”Eddie Hoh ( who incidentally played on the Monkee’s albums. The two knew each other from working with Dylan. Bloomfield was a no-show however for the second day, however so Kooper called Stills, who was in the process of leaving Buffalo Springfield.  So the theme of this album and this post is leaving things.


The album sold well and went Gold.  It also paved the way for other super-group albums, for better or for worse.  You decide. Fast Eddie Hoh on the other hand, quit music in the seventies.  He died in a nursing home last November.

I just like saying it; Fast Eddie Hoh.
I just like saying it; Fast Eddie Hoh.

The album is pretty good.  The best songs are “His Holy Modal Majesty” and Donovan’s ” The Season of the Witch” (which has excellent drumming from Hoh).  However, both songs are long and I do not like posting long songs, so here is a cut from the Bloomfield session, “Stop”.  It is pretty funky.DSCN4232

Top Rated album.


Jerry Reed- Dixie Dreams

117270668This was one dollar.  I got it because I always kind of liked Jerry Reed but I also liked the song that I posted. Jerry-Reed

I would say my first exposure to Jerry Reed was on Scooby Doo where he had a guest spot and sang a song for the show.

Jerry Reed, born in Atlanta, Georiga in 1937 started singing and writing music as a child.  He started life a session guitarist and a songwriter.  His first big shot at exposure occurred when Gene Vincent covered his song “Crazy Legs” in 1958.  Eventually he landed hits on his own and became a satr in the late 60’s/ early 70’s.  However, in the mid-seventies, his singing career took a backseat to acting, most notably in a series of movies with Burt Reynolds as well as much later in Adam Sandler’s “The Waterboy”.  Reed would die of complications from emphysema in 2008.468c50fd7c6376d3902e3531faadf9a8


Rockabilly Hall of Fame info on Reed


This album was released in 1981 but failed to make many waves on the country charts.It would produce two singles; “The Testimony of Soddy Hoe” and “Good Friends Make Good Lovers”.282a74e59b03d9e183dc3a05e5960c01

For a sample, I went with Reed’s cover of The Charlie Daniels Band’s classic “The Devil Went Down to Georgia”.  In Reed’s version, the devil and the protagonist duel with guitars rather than fiddles.  I am assuming that this is Reed on guitar as he was quite a proficient guitarist.Jerry_reed_waterboy

Although this is a popular song and a favorite of mine, got to go with meh for the album as Reed has done better.


The Andrew Sisters- Don’t Sit Under the Apple Tree

DSCN4202I think this was $5.00 bucks at a record show.  I thought it was a Greatest Hits collection.  In actuality, it is the greatest hits that Pickwick could afford to pay for.  Perhaps I was thrown off by the trippy album cover.  Anyway, bottom line, screwed by Pickwick yet again.13687098_FILE - JANUARY 30 Singer Patty Andrews of the Andrews Sisters has died of natural causes 2

The Andrew Sisters were one of the premier female vocal groups of the 1940’s.  Hailing from Minnesota, they sold “well” over 75 million records as well as entertained troops during WWII.  They are all dead, the last survivor being Patty who died at age 94 in 2013.

Tribute Page

I recently saw Abbott and Costello’s “Buck Privates” which featured the Sisters doing their big hit, “The Boogie Woogie  Bugle Boy”.  First off, I was kind of taken aback at the sexism in the 1940s.  Second, I found it funny that Hollywood could make people think that the army actually had servers in it.  But besides this, I found Abbot and Costello very funny and the Sisters’ performance very good.

I was trying to find a better video and I stumbled on this which I found interesting.

And of course, it would be derelict of me not to mention the use of the Sisters in Bioshock.

Like I stated above, this is a collection of songs packaged on the budget Pickwick label.  I believe the biggest hit on here is “Don’t Sit Under The Apple Tree”.  There are also some tropical numbers such as “My Little Grass shack”, “Rum and Coca Cola”, and “Ciribiribin” .DSCN4203

For a sample, I picked “Pistol Packin’ Mama”.


It is an alright album but not worth the $5.00 I paid.  So meh.  I have not meh’d in along time.  Feels kinda good.


Antonio Carlos Jobim- Tide

MI0002350181This was one dollar.  After spending some time in 2014 in Brazil, I have become a fan of the music of the country.  Well,  that it not necessarily true.  Before that, I really liked forro. but that was more a northern style I believe.  However, after spending time in Rio, I grew a fondness for the bossa nova, which is aptly more sophisticated.Antonio-Carlos-Jobim-Antonio Carlos Jobim, (1927-1994) was one of the principle creators of that musical style.  Born in the district of Tijuca in Rio de Janerio, Jobim left a tremendous catalog of songs, some of which are jazz and pop standards.  The most famous of these is “The Girl From Ipanema” which has been recorded over 240 times.  A talented guitarist and pianist, he was given a statue in 2014 on Arpoador Beach between Ipanema and Copacabana.  I am now kind of officially bummed that I did not see it while I was there. It looks pretty cool.


Tribute Page

Tribute Page in English

I also did not get to go to the statue of “Christ the Redeemer” which is on the cover.   I did do Sugar Loaf and that was cool.  Also did the major beaches.IMG_2354 (2)

This was Jobim’s sixth studio album, released in 1970 by A&M who had made themselves a household name by recording and distributing Latin/South American music.  Jobim plays guitar and piano (both acoustic and electric).  It features his trademark song along with other tunes that he wrote.  It is a pretty good album if you are in to that thing.  I am .  When I listen to this, I feel like drinking caipirinhas in a hotel lobby.IMG_1459


For a sample, I went with “Tema Jazz”  which a nice little number indeed.Antonio-Carlos-Jobim_4_690X310



Johnny Rivers- At the Whisky a Go Go

DSCN4195This was a dollar.  I like Johnny Rivers and most of the song on the cover.  johnnyrivers2

This was a stressful but fun weekend.  I enjoyed my birthday on Saturday.  Lot of fun.  Kind of tired and all so the posts will continue to be short and to the point.  If you want to learn more, Google is still free.76214-full

Johnny Rivers was an rock and roll singer and song writer.  Born in New York City in 1942, he moved to Baton Rouge as a child.  It was there he learned the Louisiana style of music.  After playing in various capacities, he got a break when he signed a one year residence at the Whisky a Go Go in Los Angeles.  At the time of the club’s opening, the Beatles became popular, the British Invasion had begun, and American acts were getting knocked off the charts in favor of their UK counterparts. He would gain fame with the cover of Chuck Berry’s “Memphis ” off this album as well as “Seventh Son” and “Secret Agent Man”.  He still plays today.

River’s Webpage

This album was recorded live in 1964 by Lou Adler.  It was River’s first album and a hit.  It would go # 12 on the charts.  Apparently, he would record more live albums at the club as well as studio releases.  It is a pretty good record and a decent snapshot of American rock and roll at the time.rivers_gogob

For a sample, I went with “You Can Have Her ( I Don’t Want Her)”.The-Legendary-Johnny-Rivers-630x320

Satisfactory record.