Waylon Jennings- Only Daddy That’ll Walk The Line

DSCN4001This was $3.20.  I don’t run into much Waylon in the cheap racks.  A new month of Donkey-Show begins today.  Kind of glad to get the soundtracks done.  Back to pasting a few pictures and some words together.  Work has not slowed as of late so we are still making these brief. There is a link.  You can further educate yourself on your own.waylon_main

Most everybody, let alone everybody in Texas knows Waylon Jennings.  Born in 1937 in Littlefield, Texas , Jennings was a key figure in the 1970’s Outlaw Country Movement.  Waylon_Jennings_Promotional_Picture

Most everybody also knows he gave up his seat on the ill fated airplane to Buddy Holly.  Likewise, about singing the theme song to The Dukes of Hazard. Jennings died in 2002 of complications due to diabetes.tumblr_m2j29cBbrr1qhkfqfo1_500

Jenning’s Webpage


This is a RCA/Camden compilation album of earlier songs done on the cheap.  It was released in 1974.  It is pretty decent.  It would appear that these songs are from earlier work in the sixties.DSCN4003

For a sample, I was stuck on a few songs.  I liked the title track as well as a 1969 song with Anita Carter, “Rings of Gold”.  In the end, I went with a song off Jennings’ third album for RCA, “Nashville Bum”.  I chose this one because it name checks Webb Pierce.

720x405-GettyImages-83704961This is decent record for the price.  Plus, I don’t see much of this artist in my what was weekly but now has become every other month searches. Satisfactory.




DSCN3908This is my 300th post!!!! And this is the last soundtrack as it the end of February.  Double yay.  This was 80 cents.  I got if because it was Mancini.  p666_p_v8_aaI do not know much about this movie, nor do I care to.  I do not care for John Wayne.  I know that might sacrilegious but that is how I feel.  He can only play one character and he is not a great actor.

Furthermore, like the Beatles vs the Stones, or Betty v. Veronica, I like Lee Marvin and you can’t really like both.lee marvin


This was a pretty good piece of work for Henry Mancini.  Coming off two Oscar wins from his work on “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”, this came out the same year, 1962.  This record features also one of Mancini’s more famous numbers, “Baby Elephant Walk”. DSCN3909

For a sample, I chose a swinging jazz number, “Crocodile, Go Home!”.  It really cooks.  Sounds like it belongs on an Otto Preminger movie intro.  hatari

Pretty good record.  No comment on the movie as I have not seen it.  I am guessing it a John Wayne acting very John Wayne-like in Africa.



DSCN3899With a discount, this came out to $4.80.  See what I did there?  I bought a a $6.00 record during a 20% off sale.  Pretty sneaky, eh?p4677_p_v8_aa

Yes, before The Rockets, The Dynamo, The Comets, or The Aeros, Houston had a championship Roller Ball team, mostly due to the stellar play of Jonathan E. , played by James Caan.  His boss, played by John Houseman, wants him to retire.  Individual recognition does not help promote the “”resistance is futility” line that the Corporations in the future try to tow. This was the whole reason behind coming up with Roller Ball.



This film came out in 1975 to generally good reviews and  decent sales.  It was remade to less of ether acclaim in 2002. My pop showed me the movie one year during Christmas.  He really liked it.  I like it as well.rollerball-04

DSCN3900The soundtrack is mostly classical music including the iconic Bach’s Toccata in D Minor.  There are two Andre Previn original songs as well.

And that is what I am using for a sample, a g-funk sounding number by Previn, “Executive Party”.tumblr_ma6x21hCsq1qkcj94o1_1280

Satisfactory album and movie.


OST- Annie Get Your Gun/ Showboat

DSCN3896This was $5.00.  I got it for the Annie side.  I have not listened to the Showboat side at  all.  For the sake of this blog, it is if that side did not even exist. This is a two record set but like most double albums of the time, has side 1 and 4 on one side and 2 and 3 on the other.  From what I have been told, this was to facilitate the self playing record players.poster2

Annie Get Your Gun was the 1950 MGM production of the popular 1946 musical.  Staring Howard Keel and Betty Hutton, the film was popular in its own right and did well at the box office.  It also was nominated for 4 Oscars, wining one for Best Scoring of a Musical Picture.

IMDB for Annie Get Your Gun

Judy Garland was originally cast for the role of Annie Oakley.  However, due to various reasons, she parted ways with the production.  There are a few scenes with her in it that float around Youtube.  Having watched this, I think it would have been a huge mistake to cast Garland.  Hutton just seems right for the part.  Garland seems to uptight for the role.


Maybe because she replaced Garland, or maybe for other reasons, Hutton was not well liked on the set.  Howard Keel was down right cold according to all I have read.  In later interviews, Hutton would claim the only person who was nice to her on the set was Louis Calhern, who played Buffalo Bill. As the years went by, cast and crew acknowledged Hutton’s contribution to the success of the film.

I like the movie and like the songs, but feel that the record kind of lacks without the visual aspect.  That really speaks volumes about good Hutton’s performance was.DSCN3898

Anyway, here is the sample, “There’s No Business Like Show Business”.  It is my favorite song from the musical and perhaps musicals in general.  I always liked the line about “There’s no people like show people/ they smile when they are low”.  That always painted a powerful image in my head.Annex - Hutton, Betty (Annie Get Your Gun)_02

Meh soundtrack.  Would rather watch the movie.


OST-Bang the Drum Slowly

DSCN3904This was $3 or so at a record show.  It is probably my favorite sports movie, at least baseball, for sure.  I am not sure that translates to a good soundtrack but I wanted to give this film some press.MPW-14868

Bang the Drum Slowly was released in 1973.  I first saw it in 7th or 8th grade.  It looks like a made for school movie in some regards.  The more I saw it, the more I like it.  The movie stars Mike Moriarty as star picture Henry Wiggen and a little known actor at the time named Bobby De Niro, who plays plumb dumb catcher, Bruce Pearson.

bang-the-drum-slowlyPearson becomes sick with Hodgkin’s disease as Wiggen sticks by him and his team , the New York Mammoths, make a shot for the World Series. Vincent Gardenia, who plays the team manager, was nominated for an Oscar for Best Supporting actor.


There are a lot of good scenes in the movie.  Most of them deal with getting along and going easy on people.  I think that and teamwork were the messages Junior High was trying to get across when playing this movie in school.  I still get a lot of mileage out of the “Give is Give. Take is Take” line.  The fly speech by the manager was one of my favorite ones to use until I saw the lollygag speech in Bull Durham.

In terms of a soundtrack, it is ok.  Nota lot to write home about.  I was quite disappointed that they did not have the song from the Singing Mammoths on the album.



For a sample, I post the song where the title comes from, “The Streets of Laredo”.  In the song, the wild child catcher, Piney Woods is playing guitar during a rain delay.  He sings this song to his teammates for better of for worse.


bang_the_drumMeh on the soundtrack but one of the top sports movies in my book.  If you pay attention, then yes, despite wearing Pin Stripes, that is Shea Stadium in the movie.


OST- Once Upon A Time in the West

DSCN3883This was 40 cents with discount. Very cheap for such a classic soundtrack.

Poster-Once-Upon-a-Time-in-the-West_17Once Upon A Time in the West is Sergio Leone’s 1968 spaghetti western classic is considered his best work and one of the best movies ever.  This masterpiece was a love letter to American westerns, referencing many scenes from classic westerns. Some critics have also attributed the movie to acknowledging the death of the western genre.

IMDB Page for Once Upon a Time in the West

The film is notable for using Henry Fonda as a villain.  It is perfect anti-typecasting.  On the protagonist side, the man with the harmonica, Charles Bronson and Jason Robards as the lovable outlaw, Cheyene, do an excellent job as the men who come to the rescue of the stunning Claudia Cardinale.

west1It is a quite excellent film and one of the masterpieces of spaghetti westerns.  I think I echoed that sentiment in the paragraph above as well. I really wanted to write more about the movie but time is tight these days.once-upon-at-time-in-the-west

The music was done by frequent Leone contributor, Ennio Morricone.  Along with The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly, this is considered among Morricone’s best works.  For the movie, Morricone wrote leitmotifs for the four main characters and these are repeated throughout the movie and soundtrack.  ouatitw

I thought that the music for the movie was used in Kill Bill Vol 1, during the animated sequences.  However, it would appear I am wrong, at least according to the Internet.DSCN3884

For samples, I went with the leitmotifs for the two male heros; “The Man with the Harmonica” and “Farewell to Cheyenne”.  I like the easy going, carefree sound that comes from Cheyene’s theme, thus giving his character some small comic relief. Bronson’s song, in contrast, brings a stinging bitterness.Once-Upon-A-Time-In-The-W-001

Satisfactory album.  Great movie.



OST-Valley of the Dolls


This was $4.00. Again, this was a record that I figured I would enjoy writing a post for.  This was back when I had all day to enjoy writing posts.valley-of-thedolls-cover3

Valley of the Dolls is the 1967 adaptation of Jacqueline Susann’s trashy 1966 novel.   The book, which was a huge hit when it came out, tells the behind the scene “fictionalized” story of three women trying to make it in the world of entertainment.  Most of it was based on true characters and events from Susann’s own attempt in show bidness.  The movie stars Barbara Perkins, Patty Duke, and Sharon Tate as the three main characters with a terrific performance by Susan Hayward as an aging actress threatened by Duke’s character, Neely O’Hara.

IMDB page for Valley of the Dolls

It is the struggles of Neely, which for me make the best parts of the story. She goes from a struggling actress to a superstar who struggles with her demons; pills and booze.  When she hits rock bottom, she hits rock bottom and it is fun to watch, mainly because it is such a contrast from her clean cut TV image, losing control over a hot dog. Her rise to the top, downfall, climb back to the top, and relapse make me watch this every time it comes on.Valley-of-the-Dolls-463

Patty Duke in Valley of the Dolls, 1967.Neely’s main foil, Helen Lawson, was originally to be played by Judy Garland.  However, as Garland herself had a serious booze and pill problem, she got herself fired from the set.  It has been said that the director, Mark Robson, purposely delayed shooting during the day to ensure Garland was drunk by the time she was needed on set. Neely’s own substance problems were based on that of Garland’s (Lawson’s character was based, coincidentally of Ethel Merman). Either way, Lawson was performed by Hayward who did not get along with Duke from what the Net says and neither one liked the director.


The movie was successful; with fans but not so much with critics. Among other things, critics and some fans had a hard time handling little goody two shoes, Patty Duke playing such a fiend.  Censorship at the time led to some of the more juicer aspects of the book being omitted. The need for ticket sales led to a happier ending.  The author hated the movie but it sold well.  Fans liked it and today, its camp value alone keeps it in circulation. tumblr_n27q4cdmfo1s4vt24o1_1280

The soundtrack is a mixed bag.  The theme song was sung by Dionne Warwick in the film but for contractual reasons, her version does not appear on the album.  I think this is a shame as her version is pretty good. The songs sung by Duke and Hayward in the movie were really voice overs which I think sucks.  Duke was also upset as she had been working on her singing prior to filming.

The rest of the songs are ok. The songs on this album, which are originals, where written by Dory and Andre Previn.  John Williams conducted the score and received his first of many Oscar nominations for it. On this album, he is credited as Johnny Williams. I find that odd to read.DSCN3895

For a sample, I went with “Come Live With Me” sung by Tony Scott who plays’ Tate’s doomed night club singer/husband in the movie. I believe the author wanted Elvis for the role.  In real life, Scott, who is still alive, is married to French singer Sylvie Vartan. Scott had done some minor acting and singing, but this is the role is he most famous for.maxresdefault

Kind of meh on the soundtrack.  I love this film, however.



DSCN3902This was $4.00. At this price and for a double album I had to get it.1971%20Shaft%20%28ing%29%2001

Shaft, released in 1971, is considered the prime example of Blaxploitation movies although it was not the first.  Melvin Van Peoples, director of Sweet Sweetback’s Baddassss Song, claimed that the success of his film caused MGM to change the lead character in Shaft from white to black.  This claim is somewhat dubious however, as filming began with Richard Roundtree in the lead several months before Van People’s film was released. Also the source novel featured a black detective.

IMDB Page for Shaft

The film was a critical and commercial hit, both inspiring the genre as well as keeping the struggling MGM afloat.  It was remade with Samuel L Jackson in 2000, the same year it was selected by the United States National Film Registry by the Library of Congress for preservation for being “culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant”.


Isaac Hayes had originally auditioned for the role of Shaft. The producers liked him enough to hire him for the soundtrack.  It was very successful as well.  The title theme netted Hayes an Oscar as well as a Grammy.  It would become Hayes best known work and Stax’s best selling record. In 2014, it was added to the National Recording Registry, again by the Library of Congress. And who says Congress is good for nothing.DSCN3903

The double album set consists of mostly instrumentals with three vocal tracks. The rhythm tracks were recorded with The Bar-Kays in one day.  The orchestra tracks were done the next day with the vocals following.  The songs were re-recorded for the album in order to get a richer sound.Shaft-1-e1363319931142

For a sample, I decided to go with a vocal track, “Soulsville”. I realize there is a small skip but I have had a long day and do not feel like re-recording the song tonight.Shaft-Movie-Reboot-2015

Satisfactory Record. Pretty decent movie.  In terms of Blaxploitation, I have ones I like better, but this is still good. In terms of production value, this is probably one of the best.




OST- The Sting

DSCN3892This was 80 cents.  I knew what I was getting into when I bought this.  I thought at the time I would enjoy writing a post about this.  1973 the sting

IMDB page for The Sting

The Sting, directed by George Roy Hill, came out in 1973.  It features a great cast with Paul Newman, Robert Redford, and Robert Shaw as well as supporting work by Charles Dunning, Ray Walston, and Eileen Brennan.  Fresh off their performance in Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid,  Newman and Redford play con men who use an elaborate scam to rip off Shaw.  The film was wildly successful, winning seven Oscars that year, including, Best Director, Best Original Screenplay, and Best Picture.

I am mixed about the picture.  On one hand, I really , really like both Newman and Shaw.  They are two of my favorite actors.  On the other hand, I can not divorce myself from the reality that it seems like an awful elaborate and overblown plan to milk someone out of money.  I mean, it seems like too much effort, time, and money just to get some Benjamin’s.  I mean, what would Nino Brown do?  Not this.3076041268f069bd6c85937a920d80cb

The soundtrack was arranged, composed, and performed by Marvin Hamlisch.  For his efforts, he won an Oscar for Best Original Song or Adaption Score.  The same year, he also won Oscars for Best Original Score and Best Original Song for his work with The Way We Were.  This was the beginning of what would lead to joining the EGOT club (winning an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony).  To take it one step further, Hamlisch also has a Pulitzer Prize.Marvin-Hamlisch-1944-2012

The soundtrack is rag time music for the most part.  about half the songs are Hamlisch’s and the other half are Scott Joplin’s.  Joplin’s music had been experiencing a renaissance of sorts in the 1970’s.  It was the director’s son who had played a Joplin record for his father the previous year.  The music is predictable but does a good job complimenting the film, even if rag time was not popular in the 1930’s when the movie was set.DSCN3893

For a sample, I struggled with this for a bit as most of the songs sound the same.  In the end, I went with Joplin’s “Solace” which was a favorite of the director.  Anyone familiar with Bioshock: Infinite will be familiar with this.  This version features some scant orchestration along with the eerie piano.bioshock-infinite-27323-1920x1080

c2dk0altocpv9z03597Meh.  I mean it is a rather one dimensional soundtrack.  As far as the movie, I find the plot far fetched but I like the actors enough to watch when it is on TV.