Booker T and the MG’s- The Booker T Set

DSCN2401This was $5.00 and came from the Infinity Record Show.booker-t-the-mgs-4e084a4244f78

Again,  due to the new job, I am going to shoot thru this.  Also, you should know by now that I like keep Saturday short.maxresdefault


This was the 9th album from the Stax house band, Booker T and the MG’s. Released in 1969, this also featured the classic lineup of Book T Jones, Steve Cropper, Donald “Duck” Dunn, and Al Jackson Jr. Jackson would die in 1975, being shot in the back by an intruder in his home. Dunn would pass in 2012 after playing his fifth double bill with Cropper in Tokyo. Both Jones and Cropper are active and tour.

Facilitate your own Damn Learning today with the band’s Wiki Page



This is a great album with tons of highpoints including “Lady Madonna”, “The Horse”, “Light My Fire”, “Sing a Simple Song” and “It’s Your Thing”. Basically, it would be easier to list what isn’t good on this album.booker-t-and-the-mgs

For a sample, I went with the band’s take on “Mrs Robinson” and “Michelle”. These were my two favorite tunes.932c449e

Top Rated album. Happy Saturday.



VA- The Greatest Hits from the Soul of Texas.

DSCN2399This was another Record Show buy. I believe it was $5 or less.Sunny-the-Sunliners

This is a collection of songs from Texas artists compiled on Wand/ Scepter Records. I am guessing it is from the 60’s. It is less soul based as the title would suggest. Artists include J. Frank Wilson, B.J. Thomas, Roy Head, Sunny & the Sunliners, The Traits, and Joey Long. With the exception of the J. Frank Wilson songs, the bulk of the album was produced by Huey P Meaux.Roy Head - circa: early 1960s (Photo courtesy: R.A. Andreas/Cache Agency)

Roy Head played at the Continental a couple months ago for its anniversary party. I saw a few of his songs. He is still rocking what is a white version of James Brown.


You consider this post a casualty of working for a living now, or you can say in this case, I am going to let the music do the talking. Overall, it is a good album and a decent sampler, perhaps less on the soul side and more on the pop side. Was majorly disappointed that there is no mention of Houston on the back cover.DSCN2400

For a sample, I went with Roy Head’s “One More Time”, Sunny & the Sunliners “Rags to Riches”, and The Traits’ version of “The Harlem Shuffle”.The traits

Top Rated album.



Henry Mancini- Symphonic Soul

DSCN2397This was $5.00.  Anything by Mancini is worth a shot, but generally speaking, his attempts at cross-genre albums or anything that deviates from his sound usually miss the mark.p55362txj7z

This was Henry Mancini’s take on soul/disco and is actually quite good. Where other genre themed albums of Mancini failed, this album succeeds, mainly because it capitalizes on past works and greatly utilizes Mancini’s genius with string arrangements. I believe this was released in 1976 and it is really good.  Highlights include the title track, “a new tack on “Peter Gunn”, and “African Symphony” as well as the samples I selected.DSCN2398

For samples, I went with “ Satin Soul”, “Pick Up the Pieces” and “Slow Hot Wind” which is basically a re-work of “Lujon” from Mr Lucky / The Big Lebowski.

Top Rated.


Loretta Lynn- You Ain’t Woman Enough

DSCN2395This was 80 cents. Not going to pass up old country at that price.


This album, released in 1966, was Loretta Lynn’s 6th album and her second release of the year.  The album brought her success and the title track gave her her biggest hit to date peaking at # 2 on the country singles chart.  There is a famous scene in the Sissy Spacek movie about Lynn, Coal Miner’s Daughter, in which she writes the song on the bus after catching her husband, Mooney, played by Tommy Lee Jones with another woman. The album itself went to #1 on the country charts.  The songs on the album are all good.  Highlights include “Put it Off Until Tomorrow”, “God Gave Me a Heart to Forgive”, “The Darkest Day”, and “A Man  I Hardly Knew”.


For samples, I went with Nancy Sinatra’s“These Boots Are Made For Walking” and “Tippy Toeing”, which I think makes the most use out of Lynn’s home-style vocals.LorettaLynn311x233

Satisfactory Record.

Annette- Hawaiiannette

DSCN2393This was $5.00. I got it at the August Infinity Record Convention at the SW Hilton.


I know it has been discussed in detail in other forums, but notice how modest Annette Funicello (1942-2013) is on the cover. On one picture, she is even wearing a Muu Muu. It is well known that Walt Disney wanted to preserve the pure image, asking her not to expose her navel in her beach movies and such. Compare this to the fact that I have seen Brittney Spears’ privates. How times have changed.



This is a fun album of Annette singing Hawaiian songs. The songs on this album range from traditional to new songs written by the Sherman Brothers. Highlights include the title track, “Blue Hawaii”, “Date Night in Hawaii”, “ Blue Muu Muu”, and “Aloha Oe”. The album was released in 1960 and it produced one of Annette’s best singles, “Pineapple Princess” which charted at # 11. The album itself charted at # 38. From what I can tell, it was her third album.


For a sample, I went with the Sherman Brother’s “Pineapple Princess” and the standard “My Little Grass Shack”.

A photo session featuring Annette Funicello from the set of the made-for TV movie, A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes: The Annette Funicello Story. Image dated September 4, 1995. Copyright © 1995 CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved. Credit: CBS Photo Archive.

This is a pretty fun record. I am going to give it a Top Rating.


Patachou- La Belle Epoque/ Sings the Songs of Aristide Bruant

DSCN2391This was $2.00. Seemed interesting enough.  At the time, I was hard pressed to find records by French chicks.  For the most part, I still am, especially under $5.00.bruant

Aristide Bruant was a singer, songwriter, nightclub owner, and an embodiment of the Paris/ Montmartre night life of the 1900’s. Born into a respectful family with good roots in 1851, he became one of the centers of the Bohemian scene. Known for a quick wit, stinging insults, and being rude to customers (a rude Frenchman? Who would have thunk it?), his songs reflected the seedy underbelly of the Paris streets. He would die in 1924. He is probably best known today by the art work of Toulouse Lautrec, who captured him in his trademark black hat and red muffler.



Bruant’s Wiki Page

Henriette Ragon, better known as Patachou, has a different story.  Born in Paris in 1918, she worked a variety of odd jobs until 1948, when she and her husband took over a Montmartre cabaret.  She began to sing in the bistro and as she began to  gain fame, critics called her Patachou, which was the name of the cabaret.  I do not know is she invented this or not but she used to cut the neckties off of customers who would not join in the singing. Based on her cabaret success, records, acting gigs, and awards would follow.  She died this year at the ripe old age of 96.24956176

The songs on this album are ok. I would probably like them better if I knew the words. Very Moulin Rouge-esque, they reflect the gritty subject matter such as thieves, pimps, whores, and underdogs of the streets. This style of realistic song is known as Chanson realiste.  Bruant is generally credited as the father of this style.  In turn, Patachou is a fine singer with roots in Montmartre style. She does a good job with this material. Oddly enough, the Chanson realiste genre is mostly female driven. Highlights include “La Binette”, “A Grenelle”, “La Belle-soeur a Eloi”,and “Nini Peau d’chien”.


For samples, I went with two songs. “Aux Frais de la Princesse” was a song written during Bruant’s failed campaign for public office. It is a biting commentary on government officials of the day. The official in the song wants to live like a king at the public’s expense but needs more money to do so. That is why the official will vote himself a raise of 6,000 francs. Kind of sounds familiar today. The other song is “Rue St Vincent” It is about a poor girl named Rose who was beautiful and smelled of roses. After working in the snow, she met Jules who was nice to her. They made love near the old cemetery. However, Jules was a pimp and asked Rose to go with other men. When she refused, Jules stabbed her to death. The gravediggers remarked how small and white she was. This was typical of the songs Bruant performed in the nightclubs.

Satisfactory record.


Ray Charles- Love Country Style

DSCN2389This was $5.00.  I got it at the Infinite Record Show at the Hilton back in August.  I was pretty happy when I got this and other soul based records because as I have said before on this blog, I do not find many good soul albums.  I begrudgingly went to the October Infinite Show two weekends ago.  I did not want to go as I still have a backlog of unlistened records.

This record was released by ABC/ Tangerine in 1970.  It is a pretty good showcase of Ray Charles’ skills tacking diverse work.  Some of his earlier country albums are way better, but this one has a bunch of good moments including the opening track “If You Were Mine”, “You’ve Still Got A Place in My Heart”, and “I Keep It Hid”.DSCN2390

For a sample, I went with the Johnny Cash classic “Ring of Fire”.  That is the one you wanted to hear anyway.  That is the reason I bought the album.ray_charles-buck_owens-necktie03

Satisfactory record. If you like this, check out Charles’ Modern Sounds in Country and Western Music Vol 1 & 2 Happy Saturday.

Marianne Faithfull-ST

DSCN2387This was $1.  The album cover is in terrible shape and I would argue that it barely constitutes for a cover.  The album itself is in better shape.Marianne-Faithfull-with-h-001

Marianne Faithfull has had a storied career filled with highs and lows.  Born in Hampstead, London in 1946 with links to nobility, Faithfull started singing folk songs in coffee houses when she was discovered by the manager of the Rolling Stones.  After a few albums and some successful albums, she left her husband to become the girlfriend of Mick Jagger, and becoming a drug addict in the process.  In 1970, she would end with Mick but not the drugs which would wreck her voice.  After a recovery in the mid-seventies, Faithfull returned with new albums that showcased her new raw, cracked voice.  In a sense, she was able to re-invent herself.  Through the years, she would push her limits further going into country, punk, jazz, blues, and even Weimar-era German music hall.  She is still alive at the time of this post.


Faithfull’s Webpage Biography

This was her second album but weirdly enough, it was released the same day as her first, which was a collection of folk songs.  This record was more pop oriented.  “Come Stay With Me”, written by Del Shannon, was the big hit single.  Other highlights include the Stones’ “As Tears Go By”, the Beatles’ “I’m A Loser”, and Del Shannon’s “In My Time of Sorrow”.  The album would go to # 15 in the UK and # 12 in the US.DSCN2388

For a sample, I went with “Time Takes Time” which I felt was the best song on the album and The Beatles’ “I’m A Loser”, just to get Beatles content up thereSMH METROPOLITAN FAITHFUL PIC SHOWS MARIANNE FAITHFULL PIC SUPPLIED.

Satisfactory record.  I do not think I would care for later work but would be interested in getting my hands on the fore-mentioned folk album.


Boots Randolph- Sax Sational

DSCN2385I think I got this before the labor day sale so it would have been a dollar.  It had a bunch of great instrumental tunes on it.  This is the second sax record I posted this month.  What am I thinking?1961_march_25_hawaii_uss_arizona_benefit_concert_boots_randolphThis is also the second album I posted from Nashville Session SaxMaster, Boots Randolph.  Like I said, above, tunes like “Desafinado”, Tuff”, “You Can’t Sit Down”, and “Tequila” made it worth checking out.  Also, who does not like yet another version of “Danny Boy”.  “Night Train” is also on this but after you hear/ see James Brown’s version, it kind of ruins all others.

This record, released in 1967, may have been his tenth.  It is ok.  Kind of standard interpretations of the songs.  Quite honestly, in the back of my mind, I did not expect anything different.  There is nothing really bad on this album but there is nothing that really jumps up and grabs you either.DSCN2386

For a sample, I went with the before mentioned “Night Train”. Kind of pales in comparison to the video, huh? That is a bit unfair, I know.

**FILE** Boots Randolph performs at The Nashville Tennessean Centennial Park concert, Aug. 2, 1964, in Nashville, Tenn. Randolph, whose spirited saxophone playing on songs like "Yakety Sax" made him one of Nashville's top musicians, died Tuesday, July 3, 2007. He was 80. Randolph suffered a cerebral hemorrhage June 25 and had been hospitalized in a coma. (AP Photo/The Tennessean, Frank Empson, File) **MANDATORY CREDIT**

Meh. I mean he is a talented sax man, but  this does not really do it for me.


Gustavo Morales y Los Comodines- Sabes De Que Tengo Ganas?

DSCN2383This was$1.60.  I often lament that I do not have enough Tejano or other latin forms on this site.  I am also surprised that I do not come across more stuff living in Houston.  I guess I am shopping at the wrong places.  The record conventions seem to have more Tejano but not reading Spanish, I am rolling the dice with every purchase.  Not that reading would enlighten me anyway.

I was unable to find a damn thing out about Senior Morales or his Comodines (Wildcards).  This was released on Eco Records who recorded a slew of other Mexican Artists.  ( I am assuming this is Mexican).  It was distributed by Sunshine Records out of Florida. The only albums that seem to be circulating are this one and Duda.

The album itself is ok.  Pretty good actually.  It has some slow doo-wop tunes and some more fast paced horn driven ones as well. Banda, perhaps is the term for that style of music. Don’t quote me on that. Regardless, it is a decent album for the money.  The songs that were high points for me were the title track, “Soy El Beso”, and “Mi Quiero Casar”.  Used copies in very good condition of the album for sale on the net seem to average $4.99.DSCN2384

For a sample, I decided to go with “Me Quiero Casar” (I Want to Get Married) .  You know me, I like them upbeat as possible. I would think with the subject matter, this would be more of a slower, crooner type tune, but hey what do I know?

Satisfactory.  It delivered what it promised.